SLS believes in serving its clients with full support and satisfaction at its best.

Ship Charter & Rig Movement

We as an Owner of Vessels, provide charter vessels according to our customers’ commercial requirements. Our aim is to not just provide vessels, but analyze the requirements of the clients and recommend vessels accordingly. Clients need to benefit commercially and we ensure that happens by providing a vessel that is compatible with their needs. We have a good rapport with some of the leading agents, brokers, ship owners and charterers all over the world. Our intention is to capitalize on the vast experience and goodwill of these chartering associates in the industry, and successfully cater to the specific needs of our existing clients, and so expand the list of our satisfied customers.


At Noor Al Bahar Ship charter llc, we are strong believers of excellent service and customer satisfaction at reasonable prices. We aim to deliver full satisfaction with our expertise in this field.We target long term customers and work towards delivering efficient and cost effective services catering to ones requirements.

Noor Al Bahar offers full ships Agency services including(not limited to):
Crew change
Travel and accommodation
Vessel arrival and departure formalities
Dry-dock and Shipyard services
Cash To Master
Launch services; and more
Pilotage services whole over UAE
External Navigation & pre-vetting
Marine Casualty and damage surveys
Flag State Documents
Berthing arragements all over UAE.
port customs and clearance arrangements for cargo.
cargo operation services.
ship chandler services.

We have excellent and long standing relationships with local government departments, unions and suppliers facilitating hassle free port visits for ships, crews and principals.


we noor al bahar ship charter llc. believe that for us to build any reliable relationships build on trust and good service,we need to be working, when clients needs us.

Even during this turbulent time of Bunkering, we as a company is doing very good. We are more financial strong than ever,and that is also why we are looking for new opportunities.

Noor Al bahar -Bunker are part of one of the largest shipping groups in UAE. We operate and bunker 25 vessels through our shipping group, who we buy bunkers exclusively for. We are also physical supplier of bunkers in UAE. We are trading bunkers and lubricants world wide and can offer some very competitive prices.

We are currently working closely with our must trusted suppliers all over the world to give us an competitive edge,and we can see that from our large portfolio of clients, that they are really benefitting from this.

We are different company to many other trading companies because:
- We are actually a shipowner ourselves
- We are a physical supplier
- And we are a trading house

Noor Al bahar- Bunker ensures that our ships bunker where it is cheapest and most practical
Extended mutual trust betweenyou as a vessel operator and us as a supplier meansoptimized bunker purchase.
Noor Al Bahar Bunker offers you worldwide bunker supply 24-7-365, state-of-the-art tools, lube oil, fixed price agreements etc. In other words: All the basics and all kinds of services.
In order to make a difference for you, we have to think and act differently than the average bunker supplier. Subsequently our supplier team is a carefully selected mix of people with different mindsets, different backgrounds, and different expertises.
BUT! We are not just your ordinary bunker supplier. We would like you to think of us as a partner/team member rather than a supplier.


Our Technical and Operational Management Team are shore based and geared to work closely with our clients to ensure safety, quality and efficiency of all aspects of vessel operations. The team monitors the operations,maintenance and performance of each vessel using a strictly implemented Integrated Management System supported by a detailed Planned Maintenance System.

These systems are in full compliance with the International Safety Management (ISM) code. Health and Safety standards are implemented on each vessel under our management, irrespective of whether the vessel is above or below 500 GRT.Advice, implementation and handling of these regulations can also be managed directly by our team.Ship operations are also faced with increasing regulations which require compliance with many international standards such as:
Classification Society Rules
Flag State Registry (USCG)
Shipboard Security (ISPS)
Safety System Management (ISM)
Quality System Management (ISO)
Purchase inspection
Commercial management
Marine insurance services
Health, safety and environment (HSE) quality services
Corporate management
Vessel Management Services also offers a wide variety of project and support services for the management of ship operations.

Marine Consultancy Offering a wide range of supervisions and support for ship management & repair operations.

Audits & Inspections Conducting surveys and audits ensuring quality and safety of ships on pre-purchase.

ISM Set Ups & Inspections Bespoke ISM development, current system health checks and audits.

Planned Maintenance Systems A tailor-made web-based system for the management of ships and their operations.

Vessel Management Services offers a dedicated team of professionals owning a breadth of knowledge and experience in the ship management industry. They are available to meet our clients everyday operational needs and assist with any technical issues as and when they arise.


We at Noor Al Bahar Ship Charter LLC. always strive to satisfy our clients and to provide quality assured ship management services. This entails, but is not limited to:
Operating the ship and transporting cargo efficiently and cautiously with due regard to safe practices in ship operation.
The objective of Noor Al Bahar Ship Charter llc. is solely based on providing quality service to the Ship Owners while keeping parity between cost and efficient operation. We are committed to conduct our business in the most socially responsible manner and creating an environment of opportunity for our employees.Complying with Statutory and Classification rules and requirements.Ensuring protection to the owners assets entrusted to the company.Maintaining and observing an environment friendlyapproach.Manning the ships with qualified,medically fit and suitably experienced seafarers in accordance with the relevant international and national requirements. Developing long term relationship with staff with special emphasis on human values.Avoiding injuries to personnel andloss of life by the provision of a safe working environment. Continuous development and advancement of skills and understanding of business.Preparing for emergencies and to establish safeguard against all identified risks

Crew Management

We offer tailored services encompassing the full spectrum of your crewing needs, securing competent crew for your specialized vessels. Constantly providing officers/crew for Offshore Support Vessels, DP2 and Seismic Vessels We are proficient in handling complete crew management in a cost-effective manner.

Technical charge

Our highly trained professional Technical and Operational Management Team are contactable any time of day or night all year round. This efficient workforce is shore based and geared to work closely with clients to ensure safety, quality and efficiency of the vessel operations.We also offer dry docking, new building supervision, inventory of hazardous materials and green recycling.